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Grower: Multi-family and multi-generational owned farm transitioning away from 30 years of supplying coffee to the Ethiopia Commodities Exchange program.  Due to this change, which took place in 2012 Kayon Mountain farm has increased the traceability of their product.  This switch required major investments in infrastructure for processing coffee. By 2015 Kayon implemented washing stations and dry hullers.  Last year the farm exported 300 tons of coffee. 

Farm: Kayon Mountain Farm is a 500 hectare plantation that uses intercropping and agroforestry methods to increase biodiversity and to supplement income. 

Region: Shakiso, Guji Zone of Oromia Region

Varietal/Cultivar: Various Heirlooms

Altitude: 1900-2200 masl 

Process:  Naturally Processed.  Coffee at Kayon sees an average fermentation time of 24-36 hours, followed by an average drying time of 12-20 days. 

The Cup: Clean with berry, floral and citrus fruits and tart citric acidity.

Why Single Origin?

A single-origin from Ethiopia is rare.  This lot from Kayon Mountain Farm does not disappoint.  The majority of coffee exported from Ethiopia is filtered through the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange.  The ECX was established in 2008 to stabilize and streamline commodity exports to ensure quality and rapid payment to all parties. As of 2016 the ECX is the only exchange in Africa to have next day payments after trade.  In essence, ECX serves to insulate small farmers from the volatility of the international market. 

However, larger farmers with in-house processing capacity are better served establishing a direct trade relationship with an importer.  Direct trade allows farmers to collect a premium for high quality and encourages brand recognition.  As farms become known for exceptional coffee value is increased.